Cell types profiled

An important goal of the LINCS project is to collect data that spans a broad range of perturbing agents and embrace diverse cellular contexts. By testing the same pharmacological and genetic reagents on a standard set of cell types we hope to understand detailed behavior about each reagent.

The table below list all of the cell types currently being profiled by the Broad Institute’s LINCS Center. The cell types were selected from diverse lineages, for their value to the biomedical research community and compatibility with the L1000 assay. They span established cancer cell lines, immortalized (but not transformed) primary cells and both cycling and quiescent cells.


# Name Status L1000 Status P100 Type Description ATCC# Growth Properties Organ Disease
1 MCF7 Production Production Cancer
cell line
Breast HTB-22 adherent mammary gland; breast adenocarcinoma
2 PC3 Production Production Cancer
cell line
Prostate CRL-1435 adherent prostate adenocarcinoma
3 A549 Production Cancer
cell line
Lung CCL-185 adherent lung NSCLC
4 A375 Production Cancer
cell line
Melanoma CRL-1619 adherent skin malignant melanoma
5 HEPG2 Production Cancer
cell line
Liver carcinoma HB-8065 adherent liver hepatocellular carcinoma
6 VCAP Production Cancer
cell line
Vertebral Metastasis CRL-2876 adherent prostate cancer
7 HCC515 Production Cancer
cell line
Lung adherent lung NSCLC
8 HT29 Production Cancer
cell line
Colon HTB-38 adherent colon colorectal adenocarcinoma
9 HEK293T Production Cancer
cell line
Human Embryonic
Kidney Cells
10 HL60 Production Cancer
cell line
Promyeloblast CCL-240 suspension peripheral blood acute promyelocytic leukemia
11 HA1E Production Immortalized normal Kidney epithelial
12 ASC* Production Primary Adipocyte
13 SKL* Production Primary Skeletal myocyte (LONZA)
14 PHH* Production Primary Hepatocyte adherent
15 NPC* Production Primary iPS-derived neural progenitor
16 NEU* Production Primary Terminally differentiated neuron
17 H9 Production Stem
Cell Line
Human Embryonic Stem Cells Wicell WA09
18 H9-derived NPC Production Differentiated H9-derived Neural progenitor

* nominated by the scientific community.