Perturbagens assayed

The perturbagens used include:

  • 20,413 Small-molecule compounds. These compounds were selected from multiple sources. They include known drugs, pathway-specific tool compounds and those identified in NIH-sponsored small-molecule screening efforts. An important subset of the compounds have been nominated by members of the research community.
    • ~1,300 FDA-approved drugs
    • ~5585 bioactive tool compounds
    • 2,000+ screening hits (MLPCN and others)

    Compound list only contains bioactives/known drugs. Full structures and related annotation (targets, known MoA, links to PubChem etc) will be available with the public data release (see release roadmap).

    List of compound perturbagens

  • 22,119 Genetic constructs for knocking-down genes (shRNA) or over-expressing genes (cDNA). These constructs were designed to affect genes that are known targets of FDA-approved drugs, drug-target pathway members, those associated with disease. As with small-molecule compounds, a subset of the genes were nominated by the research community.
    • ~900 targets/pathways of FDA-approved drugs
    • ~600 candidate disease genes
    • 500+ community nominations

    List of genomic perturbagens